We believe that the well-being of everyone who resides in our neighborhood is connected to that of every other. And so, we work with individuals and the community to address critical issues that are best tackled through collaboration with multiple organizations and civic leaders.

We  look for opportunities to develop long-term solutions to community challenges. In our efforts to advance public will, we serve as a partner, catalyst, convener and resource center. The roles we play are as varied as the needs of our neighborhood, but they each start with the premise that communities are built, improved and strengthened by the people who live in them.

Community Engagement


FOOGI is committed to building a stronger and more vibrant community by forging and growing strategic partnerships with other local organizations and the City of Malden to educates, and empower neighbors to build safer communities.

  • Crime prevention education
  • Public safety services
  • Urban Art Competition
  • “FOOGI Fun & Fitness”


FOOGI uses a variety of channels to bridge communication between neighbors. Some of these methods include open community meetings, email announcements, print communications, and social media.

  • FOOGI Monthly Meetings
  • FOOGI Community e-Newsletter

Neighborhood Improvements & Projects

FOOGI recognizes and advocates for a healthy, clean neighborhood by improving the overall quality of living for all residents, visitors and the City of Malden. Working together, our focus is to partner with neighbors to improve physical conditions, resident investment and involvement, overall image, fostering community?building, creating strong relationships and raising real estate values. We build confidence in residents by making valuable contributions.

  • FOOGI “Steps Up”
  • Granite Memorial Bench at Patchell Park
  • Memorial Garden and “Buy a Brick” at Patchell Park
  • Glen Rock Circle Beautification Project
  • Patchell Park Clean-ups

Fundraising & Events

FOOGI seeks the assistance of sponsorship and fundraising each year in order to operate. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to raise funds, particularly through fun events that engage the community. All of our events encourage financial support, and we are grateful for the assistance of individuals and local businesses to help us in this effort. We make sure to credit our sponsors in our printed materials; if you have questions about sponsoring an event, please contact us.

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