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In May of 2006, a group of neighbors interested in improving their neighborhood relationships, got together to form “Friends of Oak Grove, Inc.” (FOOGI)

FOOGI is a non-profit organization serving the community bounded by Oak Grove and the West End. We are the catalyst for positive change in our community. Our goal is to energize, mobilize, and galvanize residents to take action. From the greening of the neighborhood, to reducing crime, to connecting residents with each other and the City of Malden, we proactively seek out initiatives that promise to build a sense of community, beautify our surroundings, and instill pride in our wonderful urban neighborhood. Together we’re working to create a safe, welcoming, and respectful community and turning neighbors into friends in the process.

Since that time, we have coordinated the installation of picnic tables in Patchell Park, decorative trash bins on Grove St, a 5K road race, a plant and book swap, movie night, Block Party and a Christmas tree lighting for the neighborhood!

These events and the monthly meetings have brought our neighbors together and we have formed strong friendships. We believe being involved and active in your community is not only fun, but it helps reduce crime and vandalism. Having a sense of pride in your city makes you want to commit to make it better!

…as an Opportunity

FOOGI is not just about organizing…it’s also about creating.

Creating ideas,
creating working relationships and partnerships,
creating goals, and
creating projects that can lead to positive changes in the quality of life in your neighborhood.